The simplest way is to ring me and have a chat. If I think I can assist, I’ll arrange to come and meet with you [or teleconference if you’re in a rural area] so you can brief me in more detail. I’ll take it from there and develop a proposal and quote in line with your requirements and we can liaise until you are happy with it.

Absolutely – in fact I encourage it. I’m very happy to chat with you and help you figure out whether

a] You do in fact require a consultant, and

b] If Jacq Hackett Consulting is best placed to work with your particular issue/s.

Generally no, this is a service that I provide free of charge. The exception to this is where a client is not yet clear about the project brief and would like me to assist in gaining clarity about scope and objectives. In this case the client may require me to stakeholders and have more than one meeting to nut out the details. In this case an hourly rate will be charged.

Yes. I provide this kind of assistance to clients regularly. Clients are often unclear about exactly what might be required for their project, and need assistance to get clarity. If its relatively straightforward it will be done free of charge as part of my usual process of preparing a proposal. If further work is required [over four hours consulting], the hourly fee will apply.

Yes. Simply ask me for this information and I will provide the details of some recent projects and contact details of clients.