“I was fortunate enough to do the Solo Consultant Masterclass a couple of years into establishing my consultancy business, but how I wish I had completed it when I was just starting out. It would have saved me a lot of stress, uncertainty, bewilderment and I suspect money!

I feel like Jacq must have been inside my world (and possibly in my head) when she developed this Masterclass. She has answered every single question I have ever had in navigating the consultancy minefield and has answered many more questions I did not even know I needed to ask.

I love the fact that this master class has given me tangible, actionable and completely relevant information that will (and has already) make a difference to not only getting the right kind of work but also ensuring the consultancy project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

I think I have possibly changed or at least tweaked nearly everything I do as a consultant as a result of having completed this Masterclass; the gems of wisdom and the practical easy to implement advice have made such a positive impact on my consulting business – thank you Jacq”