“I found this Master Class invaluable as someone starting out as a solo consultant. I’ve spent more than 15 years in senior government policy and project roles. The 15 modules in this Master Class are a veritable treasure trove of information, particularly in unfamiliar areas and possible pitfalls one faces working as a consultant. But there were even things I learnt about areas in which I already had long experience. Jacq Hackett has distilled 17 years of experience into sound, accessible, and practical advice. Couple this with the generous addition of tools and templates, and you have an indispensable resource.”

Julie Letts<br />Director, LettsConsulting

“I learnt so much from this Masterclass. It was a terrific mix of practical tips, step by step guidance and the detail needed to fully embrace being a solo consultant.

It was great having Jacq narrate each module and provide personal examples – this made the material come alive for me and I could see its practical application.

The toolkits and ability to go back at any point really made it possible to absorb the information provided.

I would highly recommend it to anyone considering solo consultancy.”

Mailin Suchting

“Whilst there are numerous great consultant training courses that have been developed, what distinguishes Jacq’s ‘Solo Consultant Masterclass’ is obviously that it is focused on the Government and Community sector. It is very hands-on and includes helpful techniques, and its wealth of ‘real world’ experience  may also be very well applicable to other sectors and industries.”

Oliver Poss<br />Director, RISKIO

“As someone who is just starting out on consulting projects, Jacq Hackett’s Masterclass provided invaluable information on how to get work, complete projects, and manage your business. I’m sure I will go back to the modules time and again as I expand my consulting work and hopefully be able to avoid making some beginners’ mistakes as a result!”

James Kite<br />Associate Lecturer in Disease Prevention & Health Promotion, University of Sydney

“I can wholeheartedly recommend the Solo Consultant Masterclass by Jacq Hackett. It literally walks you through every aspect you need to know as a solo consultant from beginning to end, including the beginner’s mistakes to watch out for. The skills and knowledge obtained from the Masterclass have been directly transferable to my business and allowed me to grow my portfolio of clients and business services.”

Susan Strmecki<br />Managing Director, Realise Change

“Jacq’s masterclass was a godsend! The 9-step program was comprehensive and full of valuable information and tips that demystified all the critical aspects of successfully setting up and running a solo consulting business. The rich supporting toolkits and step-by-step guides gave me the skills and confidence to develop my new business and remain an invaluable online resource that I revisit frequently.”

Steven Vlahos<br />Former Assistant Auditor-General, Victorian Auditor-General’s Office

“I was fortunate enough to do the Solo Consultant Masterclass a couple of years into establishing my consultancy business, but how I wish I had completed it when I was just starting out. It would have saved me a lot of stress, uncertainty, bewilderment and I suspect money!

I feel like Jacq must have been inside my world (and possibly in my head) when she developed this Masterclass. She has answered every single question I have ever had in navigating the consultancy minefield and has answered many more questions I did not even know I needed to ask.

I love the fact that this master class has given me tangible, actionable and completely relevant information that will (and has already) make a difference to not only getting the right kind of work but also ensuring the consultancy project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

I think I have possibly changed or at least tweaked nearly everything I do as a consultant as a result of having completed this Masterclass; the gems of wisdom and the practical easy to implement advice have made such a positive impact on my consulting business – thank you Jacq”

Blythe O'Hara Testimonial
Blythe O’Hara<br /> The Apple Institute